Spring garden tips to improve your home’s value

Spring has sprung! Maybe it’s just us, but it has felt like a loooong winter. However, the sun is out today, a long weekend is ahead of us an it’s time to get cracking on your garden.

It’s no secret that a well-landscaped garden can improve your property’s value. Plants are proven to lower stress levels and improve concentrations in the workplace, so it’s no wonder that gardens are something people are attracted to when buying property.

In fact a study from the Michigan State University found that homeowners received a 109% return on their landscaping investments, improving sale prices by 5 – 11%.

So how do you best harness this good-vibes power? Here are

5 Things You Can Do In Your Garden This Weekend

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Homeless man with a hot steaming cup of tea

Squatters – can they really take your house?

Last week the issue of squatters was in the national news media for the second time in as many months. This time the Victorian government and St Vincent de Pauls are somewhat ironically trying to evict homeless squatters from a row of inner city houses in order to provide other homeless people with housing and services.

This comes only a month after a less down-on-his luck banker moved into an empty heritage house in Sydney’s inner city and told neighbours he plans to claim the property under adverse possession laws. Continue reading

Bad Neighbours movie poster

Bad neighbours. How much will they cost you?

Bad neighbours. We’ve all had them, but unfortunately not all of them have looked like Zac Efron, even if he did come with a frat house. Still, a frat house would be better than this guy in Tennessee last weekend who bulldozed his neighbour’s house after a dispute.

Recently several people on a well-to-do street in New Zealand received notes in their letterboxes asking them to upgrade their cars as the ones they had were not to the standard expected in that street, something that could potentially impact the sale price of nearby houses.

This story had us at Perspective in stitches—not least because some online comments suggested that perhaps the real estate agents selling those houses delivered the notes. The agents have denied all knowledge of the letter, but it got us to wondering:

  1. What are the worst neighbour experiences our staff members have had?
  2. Does it really impact prices?
  3. What can/should be done about it?

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