Meeting on the Death Star

How To Build Your Own Death Star

The latest movie in the epic Star Wars franchise has hit the theatres. In geek-heaven preparation, in a galaxy far, far away (that describes Canberra well, doesn’t it?), the nerds at Perspective indulged in a massive binge watch of the previous six films. While there was some dispute about whether to watch in episodic or chronological sequence, the purists won and the marathon began with the 1972 film later subtitled Episode IV: A New Hope. Anyone embarking on a similar exercise but preferring a more linear approach, skip straight to the 1999 Episode I: The Phantom Menace. (Confused? You must be a Trekkie.)

You may recall that in Ep IV (or as most of us know it) the ORIGINAL Star Wars flick, we were introduced to the first Death Star. Initially thought to be a small moon by Luke Skywalker, it was then unveiled as a truly spectacular battle station from which Darth Vader and his posse cruised around blasting small planets and pockets of resistance out of existence. No matter how many times you’ve viewed A New Hope (we say 10+ viewings positions you as a real fan) – that first breathtaking glimpse of the Death Star still holds up as a haunting testimony to its creators and their vision.

So whether you have the mindset of a Jedi Knight (ticking it as your religion on your Census form DOES tip you over the line from fan to obsessed weirdo), or dally on the dark side and fancy yourself as a Sith Lord harbouring the desire to vanquish the Rebel Alliance and with aspirations to expand the Empire beyond legal planet boundaries… you have to admit that the concept of a custom-built Death Star is pretty darn awesome.

So, we looked at the processes involved in building a Death Star from the perspectives of an architect, a builder and an agent – because it’s actually not dissimilar to building and selling any other type of property, right? Continue reading


It Pays to Share – How a Housemate Can Help Ease Mortgage Stress

When you were young, your parents always taught you that it’s nice to share your things. But did you know that when it comes to your housing investment, it can actually pay to share? There are various benefits to getting a housemate, both financial and non-financial – you just need to choose the right person.

We talked to Jay, a Canberra home owner, to get the scoop on the benefits and drawbacks, so you can make an educated decision on whether a housemate arrangement might be right for you. So what are the main benefits? Continue reading

Ripped US Dollar bill

Why Owning a Home is Not Financial Suicide: A Deconstruction

Recently, we came across an article by one James Altucher, an investor and apparent hater of property ownership. In his article, James declares that owning a property is “financial suicide” and goes on to describe (at length) all the reasons why.

We have to say, we found his analysis of the topic somewhat comical. While he does have some valid points, his article lacks one major factor: balance. Of course property ownership has its pitfalls, but so does renting – and so does everything else in life. We hardly think ‘financial suicide’ is a sound conclusion to reach.

His article was heavily skewed towards America, and we didn’t want to make you sit through the whole thing, so we’ve pulled out some of the corkers from James’ writings and provided our comments. Enjoy! Continue reading