Crowdfunding – Brilliant In-road to the Property Market or Slippery Slope?

It’s the Australian dream – and it seems like it’s becoming increasingly hard to turn into a reality. But with the good old ‘Aussie Battler’ mentality alive and well, Australians aren’t giving up – rather, they’re just looking for new ways to buy property.

One of the latest trends in this ever-changing industry is crowdfunding. You’ve heard of people crowdfunding their new inventions, their degrees, their memorial funds – but property? We’re not so sure on that one.

Proponents claim this trend is fast becoming an industry, with companies now being established to facilitate real estate crowdfunding. Some people are using these services, while others turn to friends and family to increase their buying power. The basic concept is, of course, that several incomes are better than one and that it’s better to own a share of a property than no property at all. Continue reading



We all know that Canberrans love apartments. The interesting thing is though, when you compare Canberra to other capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll notice that for the number of people we have living here and the lifestyles, income levels and demographics they represent, we actually have far fewer apartments and townhouses than you might expect.

That goes some way towards explaining why there is such a high demand for new off-plan developments in Canberra, but it doesn’t explain why some developments prove to be much more popular than others. We sat down with Wayne Harriden, the Project Marketing Director at Independent Property Group, to find out what makes certain developments so successful and what you should be looking for if you are in the market for a new home or investment property. Continue reading


The Search for the Perfect Location – Locals Tell Us Why They Love Their Area

We’re all aware that the exact location of the ‘best part of Canberra’ is a hotly debated topic. Northsiders swear there’s only life above Commonwealth Bridge, while the cries of Southsiders go something like: “southside or no side!”. And then there’s the Springfield-vs-Shelbyville style debate about whether Queanbeyan is really part of the Canberra region (it most definitely is, by the way).

So – are the leafy streets of Lyneham really better than the Brindabella-bound wide open spaces of Tuggeranong? We doubt we’re going to settle this debate, well, ever – but we can have a chat to the locals to get their take on why their area is better than all the others.

We talked to a resident from each area of the Canberra/Queanbeyan region to get the scoop on why they choose to live in a certain area, what they love about it and what the major benefits are. Take a look below!  Continue reading