When Cold Feet Strike – What Turns Buyers Off a Property?

Picture this: you’re going to an open home to check out what you think will be your dream digs. You pull up outside, full of excitement and anticipation. As you walk in the front gate, it creaks a little. “No biggie”, you think – a little WD 40 will fix that.

Then you go through the front door… and the first thing you smell is tobacco smoke. Ugh. Further inspection reveals cobwebs, dirty skirting boards and windows that haven’t been washed since around about the beginning of time. Then, you’re confronted with it – the awkward family photo that permanently etches into your mind an image of the weirdos who used to live here.

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A personal lifestyle manager? Yes please!

Concierge heading_webFound in cosmopolitan hot-spots like New York, London and Paris, the residential apartment concierge has made its way to Australia. Like their hotel brethren, the role of the residential concierge is to provide a welcoming hello, a fond farewell and to make the impossible happen in between.

In luxury apartment living, the concierge does everything from signing for packages to planning the perfect birthday party. They can arrange grocery delivery and reservations at the swankiest restaurants as well as stay on the Ticketek line for hours to secure your Taylor Swift tickets. For owners that live-in part-time, a concierge can collect mail, turn the car motor over regularly and ensure the plants are watered.

Part of the appeal of the modern-day concierge in residential living is the personal relationship that develops. Part friend, part assistant, part protective older sibling, your residential concierge knows when your birthday is, what kind of week you’re having, what your favourite take out order is and the names of your frequent guests. They become so familiar with their residents, that they are able to preempt needs.

Many residents living alone say they feel a sense of security knowing their concierge is around 24×7 and that he/she is aware of who’s coming and going. Certainly it puts to bed fears of being dead and laying undiscovered for years. Continue reading


Think you don’t have room for a veggie patch?

It has just rained. There’s a smell of damp earth and grass and the hum of bees buzzing about in the early autumn sun. In one corner of the garden a toddler with muddy knees is making handprints in the soil. A few meters away his father picks tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. He stops to chat with an older woman who’s watering her lemon tree.

It’s a scene reminiscent of days gone by, when sustainable wasn’t a lifestyle choice, it was just life. It’s also a scene being played out in community gardens across the globe.

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