The Importance of Coffee and Real Estate Training — An Investigation

In the past week, a article has come to our attention that makes some pretty hefty (yet not without merit) claims about the training, or lack thereof, of some real estate agents. The article’s entire premise rests on the notion that real estate agents have less training than baristas.

First of all: we applaud the level of skill shown by a great barista, and verily, we couldn’t do what we do without them—a world without coffee is no world we want to live in (shudder!). We love great coffee, and Canberra is lucky enough to boast our very own World Champion Barista, Sasa Sestic—so we know what we’re talking about here.

The goal of a successful agency, of course, is to have World Champion Agents. And that brings us to the subject of training.

Firstly, we would point out that not all training needs to amount to a University degree. Continue reading


Flying solo— The challenges and triumphs of buying a property on your own.

The crowd stands huddled in the driveway, bracing against the crisp autumn breeze. Nicole studies them. They’re a mix of couples, some young and flushed with the excitement of purchasing their first home, others older with the steady gazes of people who have done this before—downsizers with the equity and experience that comes with age. And then there’s her. Her sister came with her for support the first few times, but as the auctions rolled on, one after the other, enthusiasm waned. So here she stands, Continue reading


Strata, What is it and Why is it Important?

We’re going to call it—strata is possibly one of the most widely misunderstood concepts in the real estate industry. Few seem to ‘get it’, and few seem to know just how important it is to be actively involved in the dealings of their Owners Corporation and/or Executive Committee.

Strata is not just a random fee you have to pay once per quarter! It’s actually really important that you understand why you’re paying that fee and what it entitles you to.

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Winter is coming…but we still want to entertain outside.

Canberra is in the midst of its warmest autumn in years, but though it may be delayed, winter is definitely coming. The mercury is dropping, our Facebook feeds are full of advertising for Uggs and getting out of bed is significantly more difficult.
It’s the season for watching Netflix snuggled under a blanket, or curling up on the floor 30cm from the heater with a good book. But we don’t want to!
Let’s face it, Canberra has great winters. It may be cold, but the sun is out and the sky at night… Who doesn’t want to eat under those stars? Just because we need a dozen layers of clothing does not mean we want to be stuck indoors. So we’ve come up with several ways to keep warm and entertain outside.
There is something here for everyone – the DIY fanatic or the online shopper; those with apartment balconies, wooden decks or large backyards.

web_blanketsOutdoor blankets
A good lap blanket is not only warm, it makes you feel totally cozy. This idea originally came from Bridal Musings post on winter weddings, but we are so going to steal it for our deck. We might add a basket of cute mittens, scarves and beanies for guests to help themselves to if they’re feeling a bit nippy. Photo by Sarah Kathleen Photography.

Bed Bath & Table: Castillo Throw $99.95Castilla throw





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