technology and real estate

Will technology disrupt the real estate industry?

Disruption—it’s a buzz term applied to the tendency of technology to radically change an industry. In the context in which it’s usually used, disruption spells doom for that particular field. Some have pointed to real estate as the next industry to come under fire from technology—recent data even suggested that 82% of real estate jobs are at risk of disappearing by 2040, compared to 44% of jobs generally.

With those kinds of statistics being thrown around, you’d expect some agents to be cowering under the covers with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea—but that isn’t the case.

Independent Property Group agent Jonathan Warren says “Disruption is only a bad thing when the change isn’t welcome—when it’s not good for business. There has never been a better time to be an agent. Technology is supporting our role in exciting ways.”

So what are some of the ways technology is adding value to the work of your local real estate agent? Continue reading

Couple buying house

How to invest in property with no out-of-pocket expense.

Saving up for a deposit is a memory fresh in your mind—months and months of Mi Goreng noodles, Netflix binging while your mates are at the pub, wearing jocks with holes in them because you can’t justify buying new ones, letting your fringe grow too long before you hack at it yourself instead of paying a professional—asymmetrical chic is in right?

Maybe you moved back with your mum—you and your partner squeezed around your childhood dining table or cuddled up watching TV with your stepdad who just doesn’t know how to reserve conversation for the ad breaks.

Saving for a deposit took sacrifice, and now you’re in your own place there is no way in hell you are going through that again in order to start your property portfolio.

You like your life of little luxuries. Weekend brunch and coffee. Friday lunch out with colleagues. The occasional movie. New nail polish. A schooner after work.

What if we told you that you didn’t have to give that up?

If you own your own home you could get into the investment property market with no upfront cost and for less than a coffee a week maintenance.

So how does it work? We break how three people have gone about it. Continue reading


A Win-Win Approach to Property Negotiation

Walking through the 3 bedroom house in Lyneham, Maree’s heart began to thump a little harder. After months of scrolling through the Allhomes website for hours on end and spending her Saturdays trekking from property to property, she had finally found The One.

The floorplan was perfect, the central atrium let light flood through, and the yard was ideal for her two blue heelers.

The agent stood in the entrance hall, looking crisp and formidable in her navy blue suit and striped shirt. She was clicking her pen absently as she looked over the handful of names she’d collected as people entered the open home. Continue reading