Shophouse living—the good, the bad and the highly convenient.

As broke uni students there was only one way we could afford to live in Brisbane’s West End—in a one bedroom flat above the one of the many Asian restaurants that lined the narrow, bustling streets. It was magic. We lived off cold takeaway, except for pay day when we’d duck across the road to the local farmer’s grocery store and then cook a ratatouille on the small stove in our kitchenette. With no air conditioning, in the summer we’d open the windows and lay in bed with the tumultuous sounds of city living travelling in on the humid Queensland breeze. The early shift at work meant rolling out of bed, dragging on jeans and a white shirt and heading to the cafe next door, maybe five, ten steps away. Afterward we’d jump on our bikes—because who needs a car when you live in the heart of the city—and get to uni just in time to make our 10am 20th Century Literature class.

Despite the cheap rent and the exceptional convenience, there were times living above a shop was like a splinter you need to dig at with needle. When the smell of cooking prawn crackers after a big night out made us want to reach for a bucket, or when the night before a big exam we were kept awake by party of drunken bridesmaids. Or when the only space for a friend to crash in was a blow up bed that took over the entire living room. And thank God we rode bikes because parking was a nightmare. Continue reading

Sam Griffith Property Manager

A licence to lease. Good idea or not?

August 3rd. The temperature hit 2 degrees last night and there’s frost on the grass outside. Two weeks ago the heating went out, and the landlord’s phone has gone unanswered ever since. It’s like he’s guessed why we’re calling. It’s a good thing there are three families living in this three bedroom apartment. The extra body heat keeps the youngest kids from crying, although James is starting to ask questions, like why his home doesn’t look like his friends’ houses. Why are ten people huddled around an oil heater? And why are there wires hanging loose from the fluro lights in the bathroom?

It’s a story divorced from our view of life in Australia, but a recent study shows a rise in slum-like living conditions in Australia; a million Australians reside in poor living conditions, and more than 100,000 live in derelict housing. There are number of social issues at the root of these awful statistics, but one of those issues is unscrupulous landlords.

Last month published an article The answer to renters’ woes: A mandatory test for landlords that we here at Perspective found an interesting. Should potential landlords sit for a licence? Continue reading


Warehouse living in Canberra? What we’re looking forward to.

We’ll be honest, a New York-style warehouse apartment like the one above from MyHouseIdea is one of our dream properties. The fantasy goes something like this: Humphrey Bogart is leaning against the stone island bench with a martini chatting to Andy Warhol while Audrey Hepburn lounges on oversized blue velvet armchair (I know, sounds gross but check it out below). We are surveying our very stylish and in vogue company from the mezzanine, which we’ve turned into a mini-art studio.

Clearly there are lots of reasons this is a fantasy (not least the fact that we can’t paint). But owning our own converted warehouse in Canberra is not one. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a spectacular warehouse opportunity coming soon. In the meantime, check out what makes this particular brand of living absolute perfection.

High ceilings

There’s one aspect of warehouse living that sets it apart from every other type of home, its lofty ceilings that create a sense of light and space. Leave this beautiful feature raw and striking, or highlight it through intricate ceiling moulds to create an old-world feel.

warehouse ceiling 1warehouse ceiling 2

  1. Interior for life
  2. Vintage Industrial Style






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