Pets vs. children

The Throwdown – Parents vs. Pet Owners vs. Landlords

Recently we published a Canberra rental market update and the topic caused more than a few watercooler discussions here in the Perspective office. While it may come as a surprise given we’re surrounded by amazing properties for sale all day, not all of us own our own home. Several of us are actually mired in the monster that is the current rental market. And our biggest debate? Kids v.s. fur kids.

No we’re not talking about the ‘pets are not children’ war started by New York Magazine The Cut a few weeks ago, we’re talking about which type of 2 or 4-legged dependent makes it most difficult to rent a new home.

Given that approximately 58% of households have resident children/teenagers and a similar number have pets (roughly 60%), you’d think landlords would be falling over themselves to cater to this large market of potential tenants for their properties, but that doesn’t always feel like the case. Continue reading

The Block real or reality TV

The Block – how real is this reality TV?

The Block is over, and there is an hour-long hole in our evenings. Already we’re missing the daggy late night dancing, frantic shopping sprees and endless supply of coffee. We’re sitting on the couch flipping through Pintrest to get our interior design fix. And the memory of that final night, and the massive winnings, is quickly blotting out those scenes of stressed out tears, long nights and fights over the Cam Van.

We’re beginning to think… well we can do that, right?

Before we commit ourselves to purchasing a ‘renovator’s dream’ and making the big bucks, we thought we’d chat with an experienced renovator, Independent Property Group Sales Agent Helen Brennan to discuss the similarities and differences between The Block and flipping houses in real life.

So Helen, you didn’t watch The Block last night, but you heard all about it at work today, including the surprising auctioneering strategy (which we spoke to auctioneer Mark Larmer about) and the massive prize money. What are your thoughts on that? Continue reading


Yowser. What happened at the Block auctions last night?

For those who have been watching The Block this season—which let’s face it, most of us here at Perspective have been—last night was a heart-racing, finger-tapping, hold-your-breath kind of evening. We‘ll be honest, there was some yelling at the television.

What? You’re taking a break mid auction? What are you doing????

Ultimately we went to bed feeling pretty stoked, despite the fact that none of that cash was coming directly into our pocket. We have watched these couples slog it out for months. We’ve seen them at their weakest. We cheered for them. And to see them come out hundreds of thousands of dollars richer? It gives us goosebumps. But is it real life?

Not so much. Continue reading

Independent Property Group Managing Director of Property Management Hannah Gill

Renting in Canberra – the state of the market

There are a lot of things we love about summer. The long days, the summer sun, after work drinks in the beer garden, picnics down by Lake Burley Griffin. It is the best time of year—unless of course you’re a tenant looking to move. And as anyone who’s been to an inspection lately knows, the competition is strong.

We sit down with Independent Property Group Managing Director of Property Management, Hannah Gill, to get a rental market update and some sage words of advice.

What’s the market like right now?

It’s tight. It’s really tight. For example across most of October we had an average of 250 people coming through exhibitions. Last weekend we had just shy of 400 groups through, so it’s picking up. Allhomes today has 1684 homes available across Canberra and Queanbeyan; in a comfortable market we usually sit around at least 2000.

From now until the end of February, it’s going to get busier and busier. There are more people looking because more people are coming to town, so we are starting to see a lot of enquiries from people who are based interstate – they’re moving to Canberra early next year and want to secure a property now.

Suddenly the market is flooded with enquiry but we don’t have a huge amount of stock, so I imagine it’s going to be a tight market for the next 3 or 4 months.

What’s causing it to be tighter than usual? Continue reading