Renter’s regret. What we wish we’d thought of beforehand.

It’s no secret that the Canberra rental market is tight at the moment. Our city is a veritable melting pot of nomads, with a steady stream of both uni students and public servants seemingly constantly moving in and out of the city.

Earlier this year, a 3 bedroom house in O’Connor had a whopping 93 groups through to inspect in the space of an hour. Independent Property Group received 49 applications for the property. Their vacancy rate at the moment is a tiny 0.44%.

With so much competition, it can be tempting to apply for every available home and just be thankful when you get accepted, but that kind of desperate haste may lead to big problems down the road.

We here at Perspective put a shout out to find out what sort of rental regrets people had, and the responses ranged from the minimal, to the seriously frustrating to the down-right bizarre. Continue reading


Trading cocktails for carrots. When is it time to move to the ‘burbs?

14th January 2016. That was the day Jane went from a girl whose weekends were full of galleries, cocktails and shopping to a homemaker with gardening gloves, hiking boots and a well-used Netflix account.

No it was not the day she got married.

Nor was it the day she bought her own home.

It was the day she moved from inner city Melbourne to a suburb on Canberra’s fringes—from a two bedroom apartment with a gym and pool to a three bedroom house with a yard and fruit trees. Continue reading


Property tips to help with your New Year’s resolutions

A big welcome to 2017 from everyone here at Perspective!

Like many of you, we have a whole suite of resolutions planned for this year. In fact, some of us may have gone overboard. Unfortunately the statistics don’t look good. Online research from Statistics Brain says only 9.2% of respondents kept their 2016 New Year’s resolutions.

But we won’t let that dissuade us, because apparently 2017 is a ‘one’ year, according to people with more experience in numerology than us. It’s a year of rebirth and positivity.

So on that note, and because we’re your biggest fans, we’ve giving you some help in achieving some of what Time Magazine says are the Top 10 Most Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions. And when we say some, we mean eight because hey, we’re property professionals, not life coaches. Continue reading