Where The Heart Is

Home is where the heart is, they say. There’s no place like home…all the traditional sayings and adages about home agree that the heartstrings are heavily involved in choosing a place to hang your hat.

Selling a home is considered by many to be one of the most stressful life events, along with divorce and the death of a loved one. Such high stress is associated with not only the sheer organisational challenges that come with moving years of accumulated possessions, but also the sentimental attachment and memories associated with home.

So how does a homeowner deal with the barrage of emotions when the time comes to sell a much-loved home? We spoke to Annie Gregg, whose family farm and acreage property in the rural area of Bywong, just outside Canberra, recently sold to a new owner. Continue reading


Bidding at Auction like a Boss

There are many ways to buy a home, but the Perspective team has noticed that auctions are rapidly gaining popularity for both sellers and buyers. From a seller’s point of view, auctions can be an extremely lucrative method of capitalising on competition between different prospective buyers, whilst for an interested buyer, there’s a transparency at auctions that you just don’t get in a private treaty or sale by expressions of interest.

However, the whole process of bidding at auction can be nerve-wracking and confusing, complete with weird hand signals and a lot of masquerade. So what is an unsuspecting buyer to do?

We spoke to resident Independent Property Group Inner North & City expert, auctioneer Mark Larmer, about the ins and outs of the auction process, including his top tips for prospective bidders and buyers. Continue reading


How to Nail Your Open Home

Open homes are a hugely important part of the process of selling your home. Hosting an open home is a little like dating a stranger. As a seller, you want to put the best possible spin on yourself and your assets, hoping to entice the other party into a second date. You don’t want any old buyer, after all. You want ‘the one’ who is going to love your home the way you love it and pay a premium to have it.

Opening a home for potential buyers to stomp through is like the crucial first face-to-face encounter after online dating. People have seen your pretty profile picture online, that artfully styled selfie with special lighting and an Instagram-approved beauty filter, and narrowed down the field to a list of “maybes” based on their preferred criteria.

But now, they’re about to get up close and personal with the real thing. What if the potential buyer takes one look at your lovely-but-maybe-slightly-run-down home, puts it in reverse and heads straight back out? What if all they see are the tiny flaws, like a bathroom that’s too small, instead of the potential for a true dream house?

How can a seller improve their chances of a prospective buyer falling in love with their home and making them want to marry…er, buy it? Continue reading