Owners vs. Tenants…Who Rules the Strata Roost?

With an increase of apartment living in Canberra, we are seeing more tenants moving into unit titled complexes. And whilst tenants are required to pay rent to the Landlord and follow the house rules of the complex, they do not contribute financially to ongoing maintenance or upgrades to communal areas. This means there are limits to how much input they have in the decisions made by the Owners’ Corporation.

These limits result in tenants sometimes feeling like they’re out in the cold with no way to be heard when it comes to the complexes they call home. If a tenant wanted something from the Owners’ Corporation, for example, a minor modification to their property or permission to keep a pet, they would need to forward the request to their property manager, who would take it to the landlord, who would raise it with the Owners’ Corporation. Continue reading


How to get into the (school) zone

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is in the air, and a young parent’s thoughts turn to school catchment zones. With the ‘right schools’ taking on almost mythical status, some parents are turning to nefarious means to get their children enrolled from outside the catchment zone. Whether it’s because certain schools are seen as more prestigious in their own right, or because parents believe they’ll feed into high-performance high schools, many Canberra schools are seeing enrolments surge above capacity.

While as far as we know, nobody has yet resorted to unmarked dollar bills in a plain paper bag, there are plenty of stories of families using false addresses that put them in the right zone. Some school principals across the country have gone as far as to require several years of documentation, hired private investigators or even referred families to the police. Continue reading


The Block passes in…cause for concern?

The only thing bigger than the ratings for the season finale of The Block is the drama, and we at Perspective were hooked watching the late-night painting parties, apparent sabotages and heated body corporate meetings.

Just shy of 2.5 million Australians tuned into Sunday night’s finale to watch the five couples reap the benefits of their hard work. Those looking for high drama and high prices weren’t disappointed.

The auction of Ronnie and Georgia Cacere’s house dropped jaws around the country when it looked like the $2.62 million reserve price would not be achieved. Continue reading