When Neighbours Come Together

Edward has lived in the Belconnen area for over fifty years, he raised his family in a simple three-bedroom, red brick home with a giant backyard that would make any young family jealous.

He’s always known there will be a time to sell but it’s not something he ever gave much thought to. Until one day, when his next-door neighbour knocked on his door with an idea Edward had never considered – “let’s join up and sell our homes together”.

This is not a new concept to real estate. Long a trend in Sydney, builders are looking for other options to meet the needs of growing cities. Back in 2016, 62 owners in Sydney’s French’s Forest teamed up, sold off a combined 4.3 hectares and were paid just under $200 million.

But how relevant is this to Canberra and people like Edward? Curious to know more, we spoke to Wayne Harriden, Executive Director of Project Marketing at Independent Property Group. Continue reading


Hypertravel and Underwater Cities: Will This Be Life in 2068?

The year is 2068. It’s the end of your working day in Canberra. You step into your commuter pod, fly along a pneumatic tube, and ten minutes later, you’re standing outside your home in Fiji. Inside, a personal robot brings you a cold drink—he doesn’t have to ask, he can sense that you’re hot and tired—and you settle down on the couch to plan your upcoming holiday under the ocean.

It might sound like the fever dream of someone who’s watched too much The Jetsons, but scientists are working on all these technologies now.  We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite future predictions to create a picture of what life might be like in fifty years’ time. Continue reading