48 Hours in the Life of a Sales Agent

 The life of a sales agent is a busy one, but what do they really do all day?

As buyers and sellers, we only see the calm, unflappable exterior as our agents welcome us to sparkling open homes and walk us through the paperwork. Just like ducks, though, there’s a lot of frantic action going on out of sight to keep things moving along.

We asked Eliana Rojas-Terry, sales agent with Independent Property Group Tuggeranong and definitely not a duck, to share two days from her diary with us so we can see what really goes on under the surface.



I’m up around 4.30am most mornings to go to the gym before starting my day. Today I let myself sleep in until 4.45am, but then it’s all go. I don’t drink coffee, so the gym is the thing that gives me enough energy during the day. Well, that and the fact that I enjoy my job!


All the agents get together at our favourite Tuggeranong cafe for breakfast. Saturday is usually our busiest day, so it’s a chance to pump ourselves up a bit. We talk about what we have on, how many opens we might have and if anything’s closing. It’s a real part of our team culture.


I have three open homes today, so I have to get moving. The first one is at 9.30am, but I try and get there about 20 minutes earlier. That gives me a chance to check that the house is ready and primp it a little bit.

Right now, I swing past the local florist. I always bring a bunch of flowers to put on the table for each open home. It pretties the place up, and they’re a nice thank you for the owners for all their effort in getting the place ready. Continue reading