Downsizing with a young family – a true story


“As my husband and I built our dream home, we thought we’d live there for the rest of our lives. Our spacious 3 bedroom in Casey was designed exactly how we envisioned it.

As with any first house, effort and love was present and a lot of sentimental memories were created—from married life, to bringing our first child home.

Within a few years, it dawned on us that we faced a lifetime of large mortgage repayments, insurance, and utility bills.

It also started to feel like every spare minute of our free time was taken up by taking care of the house—cleaning, gardening, painting, renovating and household chores. Was this really our vision of life?

We began to ponder selling the dream home and moving into something smaller. But how could we with a 2-year-old? Would there be enough space or room for her to play? What would happen when she gets older and wants to play sports?

Today my husband, my 4-year-old daughter Sofie, and I live in a 2-bedroom apartment at ‘Infinity Towers’ in Gungahlin and we have never looked back.”

This is Cass Atkinson’s experience.

But how relevant is this to Canberra and people like her? We’ve seen a trend of young families looking to downsize to reduce their workload and enjoy their lives, just like retirees and empty nesters.

We spoke to Cass, and Will Honey, Principal at Independent Property Group Tuggeranong for their advice on downsizing with children.

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