Tenant responsibilities 101

Bob lives in a beautiful rental property in Canberra’s north. He has been in the property for just over 7 months and has never had an issue. Recently, Bob spotted a teeny tiny mouse running past his kitchen bench. Shocked and a little disgusted, Bob jumped on a chair and asked himself, “who is supposed to handle this situation?”.

Just like Bob, there are many tenants who are still confused about their tenancy responsibilities— especially tenants who are new to the ACT or first-time renters who don’t know what to expect. Most of these responsibilities are common across the board, however, sometimes there are additional tasks due to the type of property or tenancy agreement terms. For example, if the house has a precious hedge that the owner adores, it may be in your rental agreement that you look after it. Or if the house has a pool, you will need to ensure it doesn’t turn green—who would want a green pool anyway?

A tenant who doesn’t meet their responsibilities risks breaching their tenancy agreement; this can result in being issued a notice to remedy or even eviction.

On the other hand, if you look after your rental properly, it will show the owner that you care about their property and will help to create a respectful relationship between you both. It will also reflect well on your rental history, so the next time you apply for a rental property, your property manager will reference that you adhered to your responsibilities as a tenant.

ACT Real Estate Institute Residential Property Manager of the Year, Renee Bink, gives us the low down of the most common responsibilities that you may not be aware of.

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24 Hours in the Life of a Strata Manager

Strata management is just like a stage play—a lot of behind the scenes work to produce an enjoyable and seamless client experience.

While we may see them walking around the property, taking photos and talking to building managers and executive committees (ECs), many people still don’t fully understand exactly what strata managers do.

We asked Teagan Brissett, Strata Manager at Independent Property Group to share 24 hours with us to see what really happens behind the curtain.

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Hidden added value that you didn’t know about


Life is full of unexpected surprises. The moment you bite into an unidentified filled doughnut and taste that sweet strawberry jam. A remake of your all-time favourite show announced—hurry up Seinfeld. Or when you realise you have leftover money on a gift card.

Here at Perspective, all these prospects are very exciting and there’s one other that gets us jumping: when you realise there are hidden gems around you that add value to your home.

Yes, we all know that a fresh coat of paint, updating the bathroom, repairing small damages and even professional styling can boost your property’s worth. However, you may be able to achieve a higher price without lifting a finger.

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