5 awesome ways to get the most out of your laundry space.

If any room in the house has middle child syndrome, it’s the laundry. Not considered as responsible as the kitchen, nor given the loving attention of a bedroom, the laundry is expected to shoulder the brunt of the dirty work. Muddy boots, harsh chemicals, cat litter trays and wet towels all get thrown in there, yet rarely does it get any TLC. After all, aren’t we better off spending our energy on the rooms that we actually want to spend time in?

Yet, with just a few little DIY projects, your humble laundry can look better, function better, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Laundry pedestal

web laundry pedestalThe first thing we thought when we saw this project on Addicted2DIY was ‘Genius!’. We all know you can improve functionality by adding storage above your washer, but adding storage below is putting a new and very cool twist on an old idea—particularly because laundry baskets are some of the most annoying things to store. By adding the labels up the top, you can not-so-subtly encourage the rest of the household to sort their stuff. Full instructions on how to build this can be found here.





web laundry-rack-styledDrying rack

We love our dryer, particularly in the winter, but some things just don’t fare well in the tumbler. Until now we’ve been using big, bulky and difficult-to-erect drying racks that take over our living room (because there’s no way they fit in most laundries) but this wall-mounted retractable rack might be just the solution we’re after. Jen from The House of Wood goes through, step-by-step, how she made this—and we have another project to keep us busy this weekend.




web laundry room back of doorBack of door storage rack

This option found over at My Sweet Savannah is perfect for those without much wall space to install shelves, or for people who are renting and don’t want to leave holes. For a DIY version, check out these instructions Isabelle at HomeTalk came up with. Add this modular framing from Bunnings and some wire baskets and you’re set.





web great laundryPainted vinyl floors

Honestly, we didn’t know where to start with this great DIY laundry from View Along the Way. Kelly and her husband created the whole thing, from the cabinets to the on-point light (all the instructions are on the site), but without a doubt, it was their painted floors that blew our minds. Too often laundry flooring is old, marked and yellowing from heavy traffic, accidental flooding and spills. They’ve got a great tutorial on how to jazz it up for next to nothing.




web laundry room back of doorHanging ironing board rack

You either have a good spot to stand your ironing board, out of the way and unlikely to fall, or you are like the rest of us and run the risk of being clocked every time you walk past. Seriously, someone needs to run some stats on the number of people accosted by this particular inanimate object. Shayna at The Wood Grain Cottage eventually decided enough was enough. Her DIY project with full instructions will make your laundry a safer place for everyone.




For some serious laundry inspiration, check out these websites below:

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web Pretty wall paper















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web design-laundry-mudroom-1













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