When Lakeside Living Beckons

Coombs is a long way from the glittering Gold Coast, and an even longer way from the cultural hub of central Europe, Hungary. Yet, it’s the place Tibor and Krisztina have specifically chosen to call home sweet home. They have just purchased a four bedroom townhouse in the Villa Nova complex in Canberra’s fastest growing suburb. Its stylish simplicity, scenic outlook, convenient location and affordability have made it a desirable option for these veteran property purchasers who have bought and sold countless times over the years, both here and abroad.

How long have you lived in Canberra?

We arrived in early 2015 for a work project for the Department of Community Services. Back then we chose to rent a unit in the city before eventually purchasing in Tuggeranong. We were within walking distance from the office, which made it so convenient and we stayed there for a year before selling. Although initially we didn’t want to stay in Canberra, after four years we started to like it. The infrastructure is great here, and we love having four very different seasons. Plus, the lifestyle is so calm, especially compared to other capital cities. Continue reading


A Year in Review with John Minns and Hannah Gill, 2017

2017 was a big year for Canberra. Light rail construction was in full swing, our first tram arrived and who could ever forget Lonely Planet naming our great city the third best in the world.

It was a big year for Canberra property, too. With the median house price surpassing $700,000 for the first time and approximately 37 suburb records broken (source: Allhomes), 2017 saw Canberra sitting near the top of the highest growing capital cities in Australia.

But what does this all mean? And where is the market heading in 2018? We sat down with John Minns, Chief Operations Officer of Independent Property Group and Hannah Gill, Managing Director of Independent Property Management, to find out. Continue reading


How to get into the (school) zone

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is in the air, and a young parent’s thoughts turn to school catchment zones. With the ‘right schools’ taking on almost mythical status, some parents are turning to nefarious means to get their children enrolled from outside the catchment zone. Whether it’s because certain schools are seen as more prestigious in their own right, or because parents believe they’ll feed into high-performance high schools, many Canberra schools are seeing enrolments surge above capacity.

While as far as we know, nobody has yet resorted to unmarked dollar bills in a plain paper bag, there are plenty of stories of families using false addresses that put them in the right zone. Some school principals across the country have gone as far as to require several years of documentation, hired private investigators or even referred families to the police. Continue reading


The Block passes in…cause for concern?

The only thing bigger than the ratings for the season finale of The Block is the drama, and we at Perspective were hooked watching the late-night painting parties, apparent sabotages and heated body corporate meetings.

Just shy of 2.5 million Australians tuned into Sunday night’s finale to watch the five couples reap the benefits of their hard work. Those looking for high drama and high prices weren’t disappointed.

The auction of Ronnie and Georgia Cacere’s house dropped jaws around the country when it looked like the $2.62 million reserve price would not be achieved. Continue reading


Bidding at Auction like a Boss

There are many ways to buy a home, but the Perspective team has noticed that auctions are rapidly gaining popularity for both sellers and buyers. From a seller’s point of view, auctions can be an extremely lucrative method of capitalising on competition between different prospective buyers, whilst for an interested buyer, there’s a transparency at auctions that you just don’t get in a private treaty or sale by expressions of interest.

However, the whole process of bidding at auction can be nerve-wracking and confusing, complete with weird hand signals and a lot of masquerade. So what is an unsuspecting buyer to do?

We spoke to resident Independent Property Group Inner North & City expert, auctioneer Mark Larmer, about the ins and outs of the auction process, including his top tips for prospective bidders and buyers. Continue reading