I couldn’t afford a home…then I saw a Mortgage Broker.

Here at Perspective, we don’t usually hand over the reins to a single author, but we felt Andrew’s first step to home ownership would be better off coming from the horse’s mouth. You see, with a bit of prodding, Andrew visited a mortgage broker last week. And this was his experience:

My name’s Andrew. I’m 25 years old, married to my high school sweetheart and finally finding my feet in the full-time workforce, having dabbled in numerous ventures both here and overseas since my early 20s.

I’ll be straight up with you…I’m not really a “money” guy. In fact, my money-managing is generally so poor that it’s not uncommon for me to stray dangerously close to an aneurysm when paying by card, so frequent are the “Declined – see bank issuer” messages. Continue reading


When siblings unite! How two sisters stepped together into the market.

We’re serious romantics here at Perspective. Nothing gives us goosebumps as much as good ol’ Boy meets House. Or Girl meets House. In fact, anytime someone wants to tell us the story of their first home purchase, we cancel all meetings and settle ourselves in with popcorn (although the powers that be have not yet approved the much-asked-for popcorn machine).

This week we caught up with first home buyer, Gabby, who’s story came with its own little twist, and we felt we had to share it. This time, Sister and Sister meet house. Yep, while some people can’t wait for a little space from their siblings, these two have committed to the foreseeable future of clothes swapping, shared meal times and a shared mortgage.

Today they shared how they did it.

We received a hot tip that you and your sister are very young first-home buyers. Is that true?

Yes, I guess so. I’m 23 and my sister, Maddy is 21. We just bought a new townhouse together, off-the-plan. Continue reading


Warehouse living in Canberra? What we’re looking forward to.

We’ll be honest, a New York-style warehouse apartment like the one above from MyHouseIdea is one of our dream properties. The fantasy goes something like this: Humphrey Bogart is leaning against the stone island bench with a martini chatting to Andy Warhol while Audrey Hepburn lounges on oversized blue velvet armchair (I know, sounds gross but check it out below). We are surveying our very stylish and in vogue company from the mezzanine, which we’ve turned into a mini-art studio.

Clearly there are lots of reasons this is a fantasy (not least the fact that we can’t paint). But owning our own converted warehouse in Canberra is not one. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a spectacular warehouse opportunity coming soon. In the meantime, check out what makes this particular brand of living absolute perfection.

High ceilings

There’s one aspect of warehouse living that sets it apart from every other type of home, its lofty ceilings that create a sense of light and space. Leave this beautiful feature raw and striking, or highlight it through intricate ceiling moulds to create an old-world feel.

warehouse ceiling 1warehouse ceiling 2

  1. Interior for life
  2. Vintage Industrial Style






Continue reading


Downsizing: Why, how and where to do it.

Here’s a true story—30 years ago we at Perspective knew a couple who exchanged their 2 storey, 5 bedroom home with its grand piano on an Adelaide lake for a tiny caravan. Not because of their desire to travel Australia (although they did plenty of that); not because of any intrinsic need to live a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle; not because of money reasons; but because they wanted to get their adult son to move out of their house. Seriously.

Signs it’s time to downsize.

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to downsize, and not are all that drastic. For some it’s a lifestyle choice—upkeep on a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs, with its trees that need pruning, leaf-filled rain gutters, and multiple bathrooms to clean, can be enough to spur someone into more compact, convenient living.

For others it’s the health factor. Stairs are getting hard to manage; working in the flower beds has become difficult and the idea of living in closer contact with others has its appeal. Many empty nesters downsize because they simply don’t need all those extra rooms.

But by far the biggest motivation to downsize is retirement, and the change in financial circumstances that go with it. Many seniors choose to downsize to unlock the equity in their home, using the funds to complement their superannuation and age pension.

Government support to downsize. Continue reading

When off the plan apartments go wrong

Off-the-Plan or Off the Rails? What happens when things go wrong.

With home buyers (particularly first timers) becoming increasingly price conscious in recent years, off-the-plan developments have really taken off. Buying off the plan presents an opportunity to save money and buy a beautiful new home or investment property. But like any type of investment, it also carries some risks.

What’s important is how you, as a buyer, mitigate those risks and ensure you’re working with a developer that has your best interests at heart and will deliver a quality product that matches the promise you’re essentially paying for in the first instance.

So how do you really know what you’re paying for? How can you ensure you don’t buy a lemon? We talked to Independent Property Group’s Managing Director of Strata Management Erik Adriaanse and Executive Director of Project Marketing, Wayne Harriden to get their insights on what to watch out for, the issues surrounding off-the-plan development, problems with the industry and how to ensure you get what you pay for.

The Problem at Hand

The headlines have been coming in thick and fast recently—‘Asbestos Discovered at WA Hospital’, ‘QLD Asbestos Scare Prompts Union Alert’, ‘Asbestos Tests Halt Chinese Products’… the list goes on, but the question remains: Why is this happening? Continue reading