I’m a hot mess when it comes to money. Can I really buy a home?

Dear Perspective,

I have a confession—I am a hot mess when it comes to money. I’ve never been good with it, ever. Things went downhill quickly when I was 19 and Virgin offered me a credit card and I have never been able to get on top of it. For a long time I was too ashamed to even open my credit card statements each month; instead I just tore off the right hand corner of the envelope, enough to see the minimum amount, and paid that. The sheer number of late fees that I’ve forked out for is horrific and I’m well used to the chest-clenching moment when I pay for my groceries by card and wait to see if it will be declined. In the past few years I’ve gotten better, but I’m nowhere near out of debt, and home ownership seems like an unattainable dream—my own castle in the air.

Is there any hope?

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Flying solo— The challenges and triumphs of buying a property on your own.

The crowd stands huddled in the driveway, bracing against the crisp autumn breeze. Nicole studies them. They’re a mix of couples, some young and flushed with the excitement of purchasing their first home, others older with the steady gazes of people who have done this before—downsizers with the equity and experience that comes with age. And then there’s her. Her sister came with her for support the first few times, but as the auctions rolled on, one after the other, enthusiasm waned. So here she stands, Continue reading


“Stop Buying Coffee” and Other Useless Advice About Saving for a Home

Some people would argue that the defining feature of Generation Y is their laziness, entitled attitude or tendency to overspend on luxury items – but we think the defining feature of Generation Y just might be their ability to weather a barrage of unhelpful advice with regard to buying property!

Some may wail that “the struggle is real”, but even though prices are higher now than they were 20-30 years ago (for pretty much everything except tech gear, anyway) interest rates are low and there’s plenty of affordable housing stock in Canberra, particularly in the realm of off-the-plan developments. Continue reading


Infinity Towers & Gungahlin’s Coming of Age Story

[Infinity Towers – Artist’s Impression]

Our little Gungahlin is growing up, and it’s enough to bring a tear to our eyes! Since its establishment in 1998, Gungahlin has undergone exponential growth. Website My Gungahlin puts the population of the region at a whopping 47,303 – and it’s still growing.

And as more and more people are attracted to the area by the huge amount of new and affordable housing that’s available, more new facilities keep popping up to meet the demand, which is contributing to further growth of the area.
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This is the final instalment of our 3 part series on buying property off the plan. In the last 2 instalments we covered the major benefits of buying off plan and some of the strategies you can use to find the right property. Today we’ll focus on the actual purchasing experience.

To make things easier we’ve broken the purchasing experience down into 4 different sections: the exchange process, the construction period, the settlement process and the post-settlement period.

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