When siblings unite! How two sisters stepped together into the market.

We’re serious romantics here at Perspective. Nothing gives us goosebumps as much as good ol’ Boy meets House. Or Girl meets House. In fact, anytime someone wants to tell us the story of their first home purchase, we cancel all meetings and settle ourselves in with popcorn (although the powers that be have not yet approved the much-asked-for popcorn machine).

This week we caught up with first home buyer, Gabby, who’s story came with its own little twist, and we felt we had to share it. This time, Sister and Sister meet house. Yep, while some people can’t wait for a little space from their siblings, these two have committed to the foreseeable future of clothes swapping, shared meal times and a shared mortgage.

Today they shared how they did it.

We received a hot tip that you and your sister are very young first-home buyers. Is that true?

Yes, I guess so. I’m 23 and my sister, Maddy is 21. We just bought a new townhouse together, off-the-plan. Continue reading


The Australian Dream come true for society’s disadvantaged.

Pulling up out the front of the Project Independence development in Latham, there’s no indication that the row of stylish two-storey villas in front of us are anything other than a boutique development for the small family, whose kids are likely to attend the school opposite, with its expanse of playing ovals providing a fantastic open vista.

In truth it’s a new initiative that gives the intellectually disabled the opportunity to seize the great Australian dream—owning their own home. It’s a feat virtually impossible when you rely on the disability pension, until now.

We’re greeted at the door by 57-year-old Lee Leary, one of the new residents. He’s excited to give us a tour of the home he moved into just a week ago. It’s one of three 4 bedroom attached townhouses. Inside, it comprises three secure 1 bedroom + ensuite living spaces, each with a private entry. It also features a guest room and a large shared dining/entertaining area where the 10 residents across the development come together for lunch and dinner prepared by the live-in Resident Coordinator. Continue reading


Why so many people are embracing the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

It’s the Australian Dream (apparently)—a white picket fence, a Hills Hoist in the back yard. But our cities have changed. High density housing is here to stay—not because it’s forced on us, but because there are plenty of people choosing the lifestyle it affords. Here are some of the reasons Australians are opting for apartment-living.

Low maintenance yard with awesome balcony garden

web_balcony gardenGone are the days of lifeless, bare balconies. The modern city-dweller has brought life to the concrete jungle. Vertical gardens, balcony rail planters, hanging pots and raised garden beds all allow apartment owners to enjoy the best of a backyard—home grown vegetables, spring bulbs, potted roses—without the hassle of grass that needs mowing and leaves that need raking. Continue reading


Apartment oversupply fears: genuine concern, or slight case of hysteria?

Winter A Glut is Coming (Apparently)

You’ve probably heard the rumours by now. You know, the ones about a likely apartment ‘glut’ in Sydney? Well, some now fear that the same could happen in Canberra.

According to ABS statistics, construction work in both NSW and the ACT is on the rise in a pretty big way, with NSW construction having risen for six quarters, and the ACT figures showing a rise for two quarters.

Popular media appears to have jumped right on stats like this, with cries of “OMG the apartments are taking over!” ringing out left, right and centre. Sigh. Before we freak out, let’s discuss this properly. Continue reading