5 awesome ways to get the most out of your laundry space.

If any room in the house has middle child syndrome, it’s the laundry. Not considered as responsible as the kitchen, nor given the loving attention of a bedroom, the laundry is expected to shoulder the brunt of the dirty work. Muddy boots, harsh chemicals, cat litter trays and wet towels all get thrown in there, yet rarely does it get any TLC. After all, aren’t we better off spending our energy on the rooms that we actually want to spend time in?

Yet, with just a few little DIY projects, your humble laundry can look better, function better, and make your life a whole lot easier. Continue reading


Stylish DIY projects to help baby proof your home.

OMG your first baby is on its way! While your near future is filled with unbrushed hair, trackies and plenty of toys underfoot, there is still time to fight for your style. That’s why we’ve curated a list of six of the most fashionable DIY projects to help baby-proof your house. Relax knowing that you’re not doomed to a life of cheap white plastic and stained couches.

Padded Ottoman_webPadded Coffee Table

No one wants to end up in the emergency room with a bleeding toddler. One way to avoid it is to remove as many sharp corners as possible—particularly those at head height. Dangerous coffee tables can be switched out for padded ones. Tackle a DIY option and not only will it save you money, but you can cover it in fabric that suits the décor of your home.  The home geniuses over at Not So Newlywed McGees created this ottoman from on old wooden coffee table. You can create a similar effect using an old pallet and furniture legs bought from Bunnings. Continue reading


Winter is coming…but we still want to entertain outside.

Canberra is in the midst of its warmest autumn in years, but though it may be delayed, winter is definitely coming. The mercury is dropping, our Facebook feeds are full of advertising for Uggs and getting out of bed is significantly more difficult.
It’s the season for watching Netflix snuggled under a blanket, or curling up on the floor 30cm from the heater with a good book. But we don’t want to!
Let’s face it, Canberra has great winters. It may be cold, but the sun is out and the sky at night… Who doesn’t want to eat under those stars? Just because we need a dozen layers of clothing does not mean we want to be stuck indoors. So we’ve come up with several ways to keep warm and entertain outside.
There is something here for everyone – the DIY fanatic or the online shopper; those with apartment balconies, wooden decks or large backyards.

web_blanketsOutdoor blankets
A good lap blanket is not only warm, it makes you feel totally cozy. This idea originally came from Bridal Musings post on winter weddings, but we are so going to steal it for our deck. We might add a basket of cute mittens, scarves and beanies for guests to help themselves to if they’re feeling a bit nippy. Photo by Sarah Kathleen Photography.

Bed Bath & Table: Castillo Throw $99.95Castilla throw





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Think you don’t have room for a veggie patch?

It has just rained. There’s a smell of damp earth and grass and the hum of bees buzzing about in the early autumn sun. In one corner of the garden a toddler with muddy knees is making handprints in the soil. A few meters away his father picks tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. He stops to chat with an older woman who’s watering her lemon tree.

It’s a scene reminiscent of days gone by, when sustainable wasn’t a lifestyle choice, it was just life. It’s also a scene being played out in community gardens across the globe.

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