What Canberrans Want In A Home

So many factors come into the equation when looking for a home. Suburbs, house types, amenities, price ranges, schools, nightlife, space and surroundings are all considerations in the great house-hunt, so we caught up with four home buyers at different stages of life to ask about their purchases, and what influenced their decision.

Ed Timovic – early 20s, single, apartment in Turner

Ed is 23 years old. His most prized possessions are his Oktoberfest stein from Munich, his Bent Spoke membership and his Toyota Hilux. Needless to say, Ed’s the party boy in his family, is currently “in between girlfriends”, and wanted to move out of home to be closer to the action. He’s worked full-time as a carpenter since his late teens in his uncle’s construction company, and to his credit, he’s worked incredibly hard to get himself into the financial position he’s in (even if a fair chunk of his income has been funnelled into Bent Spoke’s running costs). Continue reading


Warehouse living in Canberra? What we’re looking forward to.

We’ll be honest, a New York-style warehouse apartment like the one above from MyHouseIdea is one of our dream properties. The fantasy goes something like this: Humphrey Bogart is leaning against the stone island bench with a martini chatting to Andy Warhol while Audrey Hepburn lounges on oversized blue velvet armchair (I know, sounds gross but check it out below). We are surveying our very stylish and in vogue company from the mezzanine, which we’ve turned into a mini-art studio.

Clearly there are lots of reasons this is a fantasy (not least the fact that we can’t paint). But owning our own converted warehouse in Canberra is not one. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a spectacular warehouse opportunity coming soon. In the meantime, check out what makes this particular brand of living absolute perfection.

High ceilings

There’s one aspect of warehouse living that sets it apart from every other type of home, its lofty ceilings that create a sense of light and space. Leave this beautiful feature raw and striking, or highlight it through intricate ceiling moulds to create an old-world feel.

warehouse ceiling 1warehouse ceiling 2

  1. Interior for life
  2. Vintage Industrial Style






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Think you don’t have room for a veggie patch?

It has just rained. There’s a smell of damp earth and grass and the hum of bees buzzing about in the early autumn sun. In one corner of the garden a toddler with muddy knees is making handprints in the soil. A few meters away his father picks tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. He stops to chat with an older woman who’s watering her lemon tree.

It’s a scene reminiscent of days gone by, when sustainable wasn’t a lifestyle choice, it was just life. It’s also a scene being played out in community gardens across the globe.

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What we love about Kingston’s Green Square.

Green square_web

There are few better ways to spend a sunny autumn Saturday than lying on the grass at Green Square with a book, wringing out every last drop of warmth before the cold descends. Looking around, many people have the same idea. Kids run around on the grass, under the watchful eye of parents cradling take away coffee cups from one of the local, first-class baristas. Across the lawn a group of twenty-somethings sit outside Little Brooklyn swilling American beer. An older couple stroll past the jeweller, looking at the one-of-a-kind designs.

This is what we love about Green Square—it’s a lifestyle choice. Canberra’s oldest shopping district has kept pace with the times and now offers some of the finest coffee you’ll find in the ACT, along with on-trend bars and boutique shopping showcasing some of the best that local producers have to offer.

Floral Society_webRenee Douros from The Floral Society has been kicking around Green Square since she was a child. Continue reading