A Year in Review with John Minns and Hannah Gill, 2017

2017 was a big year for Canberra. Light rail construction was in full swing, our first tram arrived and who could ever forget Lonely Planet naming our great city the third best in the world.

It was a big year for Canberra property, too. With the median house price surpassing $700,000 for the first time and approximately 37 suburb records broken (source: Allhomes), 2017 saw Canberra sitting near the top of the highest growing capital cities in Australia.

But what does this all mean? And where is the market heading in 2018? We sat down with John Minns, Chief Operations Officer of Independent Property Group and Hannah Gill, Managing Director of Independent Property Management, to find out. Continue reading


How Long-Term Leases Can Solve Rental Woes

Catherine still has possessions in storage from the last time she moved. It didnt seem worth finding spaces for them all when she knew shed have to box them all up again in a few months, so now shes paying for a storage unit as well as her rent. Shes already moved four times in the past five years, and her lease is up in six weeks. Shed love to buy some plants for her balcony, or choose her own paint scheme, but it doesnt seem worth it when shell just have to move again shortly.

At Perspective, we hear several tales like Catherine’s. These are tenants who want nothing more than to settle down in one spot, find their favourite local cafe and introduce their children to the nearby schools. But instead, they’re asked to move by landlords who want to sell up, move in or renovate. Some landlords also only offer six-month leases, and because there’s so much competition for the longer leases, tenants like Catherine might find themselves with no choice but to accept six months. Continue reading


Increase your investment IQ

Heads-up property investors, current or considering it. Have you ever read an article about property investment and had to grab a dictionary or ask Siri to make heads or tails of it? Like a lot of industries, Real Estate has its own language and knowing the difference between a lessee and lessor can turn making money from property into a far less intimidating venture.

The Perspective team have defined all those pesky property investment terms that you might come across when renting out your property because the language can be tricky to understand whether you’re starting out as an investor or getting ready to sell a property. And negative gearing – that must be evil, right? The media keep saying it’s ruining the housing market. But what is it exactly?

Study up on this list of investment lingo and you’ll be top of the class in no time! Continue reading


A dark day for Canberra home owners

June is a consistently crazy time of year. With invoices and finances needing to be settled before the close of financial year, as well as the fact that it’s just downright miserably cold, you could be forgiven for not noticing that the ACT Budget has come and gone, and changes will take effect as of 1 July, 2017.

What you probably didn’t expect is that the government would introduce a tax increase on the Lease Variation Charge (LVC) of at least 300% with seemingly little to no consultation and no significant publicity to speak of. The consequences of this increase will become clearer with time, but initial suggestions include decreased house values in the central established suburbs of the Inner North and Inner South, not enough housing supply for those seeking to live in these areas and fewer townhouses becoming available – the exact housing product that First Home Buyers and downsizers are after. Continue reading

The Block real or reality TV

The Block – how real is this reality TV?

The Block is over, and there is an hour-long hole in our evenings. Already we’re missing the daggy late night dancing, frantic shopping sprees and endless supply of coffee. We’re sitting on the couch flipping through Pintrest to get our interior design fix. And the memory of that final night, and the massive winnings, is quickly blotting out those scenes of stressed out tears, long nights and fights over the Cam Van.

We’re beginning to think… well we can do that, right?

Before we commit ourselves to purchasing a ‘renovator’s dream’ and making the big bucks, we thought we’d chat with an experienced renovator, Independent Property Group Sales Agent Helen Brennan to discuss the similarities and differences between The Block and flipping houses in real life.

So Helen, you didn’t watch The Block last night, but you heard all about it at work today, including the surprising auctioneering strategy (which we spoke to auctioneer Mark Larmer about) and the massive prize money. What are your thoughts on that? Continue reading