A Year in Review with John Minns and Hannah Gill, 2017

2017 was a big year for Canberra. Light rail construction was in full swing, our first tram arrived and who could ever forget Lonely Planet naming our great city the third best in the world.

It was a big year for Canberra property, too. With the median house price surpassing $700,000 for the first time and approximately 37 suburb records broken (source: Allhomes), 2017 saw Canberra sitting near the top of the highest growing capital cities in Australia.

But what does this all mean? And where is the market heading in 2018? We sat down with John Minns, Chief Operations Officer of Independent Property Group and Hannah Gill, Managing Director of Independent Property Management, to find out. Continue reading

technology and real estate

Will technology disrupt the real estate industry?

Disruption—it’s a buzz term applied to the tendency of technology to radically change an industry. In the context in which it’s usually used, disruption spells doom for that particular field. Some have pointed to real estate as the next industry to come under fire from technology—recent data even suggested that 82% of real estate jobs are at risk of disappearing by 2040, compared to 44% of jobs generally.

With those kinds of statistics being thrown around, you’d expect some agents to be cowering under the covers with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea—but that isn’t the case.

Independent Property Group agent Jonathan Warren says “Disruption is only a bad thing when the change isn’t welcome—when it’s not good for business. There has never been a better time to be an agent. Technology is supporting our role in exciting ways.”

So what are some of the ways technology is adding value to the work of your local real estate agent? Continue reading


Why so many people are embracing the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

It’s the Australian Dream (apparently)—a white picket fence, a Hills Hoist in the back yard. But our cities have changed. High density housing is here to stay—not because it’s forced on us, but because there are plenty of people choosing the lifestyle it affords. Here are some of the reasons Australians are opting for apartment-living.

Low maintenance yard with awesome balcony garden

web_balcony gardenGone are the days of lifeless, bare balconies. The modern city-dweller has brought life to the concrete jungle. Vertical gardens, balcony rail planters, hanging pots and raised garden beds all allow apartment owners to enjoy the best of a backyard—home grown vegetables, spring bulbs, potted roses—without the hassle of grass that needs mowing and leaves that need raking. Continue reading


Apartment oversupply fears: genuine concern, or slight case of hysteria?

Winter A Glut is Coming (Apparently)

You’ve probably heard the rumours by now. You know, the ones about a likely apartment ‘glut’ in Sydney? Well, some now fear that the same could happen in Canberra.

According to ABS statistics, construction work in both NSW and the ACT is on the rise in a pretty big way, with NSW construction having risen for six quarters, and the ACT figures showing a rise for two quarters.

Popular media appears to have jumped right on stats like this, with cries of “OMG the apartments are taking over!” ringing out left, right and centre. Sigh. Before we freak out, let’s discuss this properly. Continue reading