Where The Heart Is

Home is where the heart is, they say. There’s no place like home…all the traditional sayings and adages about home agree that the heartstrings are heavily involved in choosing a place to hang your hat.

Selling a home is considered by many to be one of the most stressful life events, along with divorce and the death of a loved one. Such high stress is associated with not only the sheer organisational challenges that come with moving years of accumulated possessions, but also the sentimental attachment and memories associated with home.

So how does a homeowner deal with the barrage of emotions when the time comes to sell a much-loved home? We spoke to Annie Gregg, whose family farm and acreage property in the rural area of Bywong, just outside Canberra, recently sold to a new owner. Continue reading


The experience of waiting for your off-the-plan apartment

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of purchasing your first home—the rush of adrenaline, the quickening of your heartbeat, the butterflies stampeding in your stomach. The month-long settlement period is a jam-packed whirlwind of contracts, packing, and paperwork. Before you can blink, you’re lying in bed, staring at a new ceiling, experiencing the thrill of home ownership.

But what if that gap between deposit and moving in was six months, 12 months, two years? That’s the situation facing buyers of off-the-plan apartments across the country. The ecstatic joy of that moment when you sign the contract can only carry you so far.

When Joanna Markin bought in the ‘Astin’ she knew she at getting in at the best price point, but she then had a two year wait ahead of her. Continue reading


How to survive a move with your relationship intact.

You sit on a bare floor in an empty room, your muscles aching, covered in bruises that came from who-knows-where. Every inch of you is sticky with a combination of sweat, dirt, cleaning chemicals and those frustrating, microscopic, dust-like particles that enveloped you the moment you picked up your first cardboard box. You’ve grazed knees from scrubbing the grouting, a scrape along your arm where you banged into the door whilst manoeuvring a 1 metre wide couch through a 1.1 metre wide door, and a dozen thick paper cuts. You’d kill to scrub off the grime, but the electricity went off yesterday and cold showers have never been your thing—besides you’ve already cleaned it. Your wife walks in, and it takes every ounce of your willpower not to chuck the bucket of soapy water at her head.

Moving is hell. It takes a toll on your body, bank account, sanity, and if you’re not careful—your relationship. Continue reading


Hints and Tips for Moving House

Moving is stressful, but whether you’re moving across the road or across the border, we’ve got tips to make the process smoother.

Start early

As soon as you know you’re moving, it’s time to start preparing. Clear out and then pack what you’re not using ASAP.

Clear out

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