The Australian Dream come true for society’s disadvantaged.

Pulling up out the front of the Project Independence development in Latham, there’s no indication that the row of stylish two-storey villas in front of us are anything other than a boutique development for the small family, whose kids are likely to attend the school opposite, with its expanse of playing ovals providing a fantastic open vista.

In truth it’s a new initiative that gives the intellectually disabled the opportunity to seize the great Australian dream—owning their own home. It’s a feat virtually impossible when you rely on the disability pension, until now.

We’re greeted at the door by 57-year-old Lee Leary, one of the new residents. He’s excited to give us a tour of the home he moved into just a week ago. It’s one of three 4 bedroom attached townhouses. Inside, it comprises three secure 1 bedroom + ensuite living spaces, each with a private entry. It also features a guest room and a large shared dining/entertaining area where the 10 residents across the development come together for lunch and dinner prepared by the live-in Resident Coordinator. Continue reading