Forever Alone – The Myriad Benefits of Solo Living

Bubble[Your own little bubble… ahhh!]

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of sharing a home – and there are many. But we’ve all had a horror story about co-habitation too, right? So we thought we’d take a light hearted look at the benefits to living alone. You know – to ensure balance and all.

So while there are plenty of benefits to sharing, sometimes nothing quite compares to the freedom of coming home to a blissfully empty, quiet home. We’ve looked into some of the advantages below:

The Bathroom is Always Free

There’s nothing that induces panic quite as easily as seeing the bathroom door closed and hearing the sound of the shower after you’ve just woken up 30 minutes late! Living alone, you can stroll blissfully in and take your sweet time beautifying, preening and readying yourself for the day. It’s amazing – and everyone should try it immediately, if not sooner.

You Get to Play Interior Designer

When you live alone, there’s no one to tell you that your watermelon shaped beanbag is an eyesore or your shag rug is the bane of their existence. You can decorate the place however you like – because who has time for other people’s design opinions, anyway?

Coffee Table[Who wouldn’t like this awesome coffee table?!]

What’s That Sound? Oh Yeah – Nothing!

The peace and quiet you enjoy as a lone-liver is quite simply sublime. No trashy sitcoms that you hate, no terrible music selection, and no visitors laughing and chattering when you’re trying to sleep – it’s heavenly.

The Kitchen is Now a Place of Bliss

The only dirty dishes you’ll see are the ones you leave in there. Other people’s crumbs are no longer a thing. You can cook what you want and eat what you want. Who’s judging you for eating an entire jar of Nutella? Nobody! And no-one is going to eat your food when you’re out, either. That’s a big one.

Kitchen[Not sure if that’s a kitchen, or heaven itself…]

No Arguments Over Money

You won’t have to fight anyone over your half of the bond if you’re renting, you won’t have to worry about chasing up bill money – oh, and there’s none of this “I own half of that bag of chips” nonsense.

Wear Your Worst Clothing Whenever You Want

Those track pants with the epic holes? They are now totally acceptable. Wearing a burlap sack? Why not! Want to sit around in your towel far longer than is socially acceptable? Do it! There are no fashion rules in this awesome house!

Awesome Jumper[We’ll have nothing bad said about our fave jumper!]

You Won’t Get Caught Paying for Someone Else’s Damage

Sometimes, people like to break things and pretend like nothing happened. And whether you’re on the lease or they’re renting from you as an owner, you could get stuck paying for the damage – and that’s no fun. You’ll be way less annoyed to pay for something if you broke it yourself, or better yet, if things don’t get broken at all!

Develop Your Independence

When you live alone, you’ll become more independent. You’ll have to learn how to change a lightbulb, call a locksmith when you’re stuck outside and smoosh intruding arachnids. All these things build you into a better and more capable human being who won’t be a total drain on society.

Lightbulb[You got this!]

No More Awkward Chats

Thank goodness! Now you can avoid the awkwardness of that “can you please stop drinking straight from the milk container?!” type conversation – nobody likes that. Oh – and you’ll never see passive aggressive notes pasted around, complaining about almost everything you do.

Your Pet Can Exist in Peace

If you’ve ever had anyone complain about your furry friend at home – this will make your day. Your kitty/doggie/other denomination of animal friend can roam freely and without judgement. Just make sure you’ve checked with the lessor if you’re renting, of course. Purrfection.

Puppy[Awwww… happy pup!]

No One Tapes Over Your Favourite Show

You know that show you love that your living partner just keeps “accidentally” erasing or taping over on the PVR? Your sacred TV time is now protected, and the surprise stress has been averted – phew!

There’s Nobody to Complain To

At the end of a long day, it can be tempting to come home and do a great deal of whining to whoever you find there. But now there’s no one to complain to, so you may as well do something productive with your time – yay!

Desk[Ahh – the bills are all paid]

Garbage Day is Whenever You Say

Nobody is going to bug you about taking out the garbage – a task that’s extra revolting when it’s someone else’s garbage. Blech!

It’s quite simple, really – whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never lived alone.



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