Infinity Towers & Gungahlin’s Coming of Age Story

[Infinity Towers – Artist’s Impression]

Our little Gungahlin is growing up, and it’s enough to bring a tear to our eyes! Since its establishment in 1998, Gungahlin has undergone exponential growth. Website My Gungahlin puts the population of the region at a whopping 47,303 – and it’s still growing.

And as more and more people are attracted to the area by the huge amount of new and affordable housing that’s available, more new facilities keep popping up to meet the demand, which is contributing to further growth of the area.
Here are just some of the facilities giving Gungahlin a boost:

The Marketplace

This multi-million dollar shopping centre houses a range of services, cafes, retail stores and more, and will soon house a brand new Kmart concept store.


The area is home to Burgmann private school, and Catholic schools Holy Spirit and St John Paul II College, offering a range of quality schooling options and meaning students can live close to them.

Outdoor Recreation

With new parks popping up, a new oval, the nearby Yerrabi Pond and the Gungahlin Lakes golf course, there are plenty of outdoor activities available.


Improvements to bus networks, upgraded walking and cycling paths and road projects such as the Gungahlin Drive Extension (GDE) and Majura Parkway have helped to reduce traffic congestion and encourage the use of non-motorised transportation methods. The Capital Metro Light Rail, scheduled for completion in 2017, will also see a marked improvement to public transport in the Gungahlin region.

Infinity Towers – Looking to the Future of Gungahlin

Part of the evolution of Gungahlin is the provision of forward-thinking living options – and pioneering the way for this innovation is Infinity Towers, a project currently being developed by GEOCON.

As their tagline ‘Building Canberra’ suggests, each development they produce represents a piece of a much larger picture. Looking to establish high rise residential towers in town centres such as Gungahlin, GEOCON aims to offer people first-class residences with an unmatched level of amenity and affordable pricing.

We talked to Peter Micalos, Managing Director of Development at GEOCON, to get his insights on the project.

“GEOCON is passionate about creating vibrant town centre environments which offer the best of urban living and accommodation”, he said. “Infinity Towers will breathe new life into the Gungahlin region and be a landmark project that will inform future development. Unlike anything we’ve seen before in Canberra, it will offer an unprecedented level of amenity and pave the way for future high rise projects.”

With Infinity, this vision has definitely been achieved. Along with the views, the building offers a level of amenity that is nothing short of incredible. On level 6, you’ll find a Sky Park with a BBQ area, gymnasium and exercise track, along with an infinity pool (pardon the pun) that hovers 20 metres above the ground. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can register at

Developments like this will form part of the new, grown-up Gungahlin, and will usher the Town Centre into the next chapter of its life. As Canberra’s population nears 400,000 (with this number expected to surge in 2016), these developments will help solidify the city’s appeal and attract more people to the region.

We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited to watch the area continue to grow and evolve. And if Infinity Towers is the new standard – we’re expecting big things.



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