Rare and Radical Real Estate Buys

Rare and Radical Real Estate Buys

Here at Perspective, we know no one’s property journey is the same. Some people find their dream home right off the bat. Others spend all weekend every weekend for months attending open homes and auctions. When someone asks what the last book you read was, you can’t think of anything other than the Allhomes magazine.

If you’re lying in bed at night counting as fittings and fixtures jump over garden fences, then you’ve probably reached peak house shopping. Everything you look at feels kind of familiar. It’s time to inject some serious excitement into your property search. And we have your back. Here are some seriously unique purchasing opportunities… Continue reading

Increase your investment IQ

Heads-up property investors, current or considering it. Have you ever read an article about property investment and had to grab a dictionary or ask Siri to make heads or tails of it? Like a lot of industries, Real Estate has its own language and knowing the difference between a lessee and lessor can turn making money from property into a far less intimidating venture.

The Perspective team have defined all those pesky property investment terms that you might come across when renting out your property because the language can be tricky to understand whether you’re starting out as an investor or getting ready to sell a property. And negative gearing – that must be evil, right? The media keep saying it’s ruining the housing market. But what is it exactly?

Study up on this list of investment lingo and you’ll be top of the class in no time! Continue reading

I couldn’t afford a home…then I saw a Mortgage Broker.

Here at Perspective, we don’t usually hand over the reins to a single author, but we felt Andrew’s first step to home ownership would be better off coming from the horse’s mouth. You see, with a bit of prodding, Andrew visited a mortgage broker last week. And this was his experience:

My name’s Andrew. I’m 25 years old, married to my high school sweetheart and finally finding my feet in the full-time workforce, having dabbled in numerous ventures both here and overseas since my early 20s.

I’ll be straight up with you…I’m not really a “money” guy. In fact, my money-managing is generally so poor that it’s not uncommon for me to stray dangerously close to an aneurysm when paying by card, so frequent are the “Declined – see bank issuer” messages. Continue reading

A dark day for Canberra home owners

June is a consistently crazy time of year. With invoices and finances needing to be settled before the close of financial year, as well as the fact that it’s just downright miserably cold, you could be forgiven for not noticing that the ACT Budget has come and gone, and changes will take effect as of 1 July, 2017.

What you probably didn’t expect is that the government would introduce a tax increase on the Lease Variation Charge (LVC) of at least 300% with seemingly little to no consultation and no significant publicity to speak of. The consequences of this increase will become clearer with time, but initial suggestions include decreased house values in the central established suburbs of the Inner North and Inner South, not enough housing supply for those seeking to live in these areas and fewer townhouses becoming available – the exact housing product that First Home Buyers and downsizers are after. Continue reading