Rare and Radical Real Estate Buys

Rare and Radical Real Estate Buys

Here at Perspective, we know no one’s property journey is the same. Some people find their dream home right off the bat. Others spend all weekend every weekend for months attending open homes and auctions. When someone asks what the last book you read was, you can’t think of anything other than the Allhomes magazine.

If you’re lying in bed at night counting as fittings and fixtures jump over garden fences, then you’ve probably reached peak house shopping. Everything you look at feels kind of familiar. It’s time to inject some serious excitement into your property search. And we have your back. Here are some seriously unique purchasing opportunities…

A Title for the Savvy Laird

Do you fancy yourself as Laird of the Manor? If you want to dash around in a kilt or simply impress your friends with a genuine noble title like a real aristocrat, consider purchasing a small pile in Scotland. It’s more affordable than you think, my Lord. Certain traditional estates can now be purchased by the square yard…enough space to stamp your Wellington boots and stretch your legs in your kilt.

According to the Highland Titles website, from only $56.00 Australian, you can buy a small plot of Scottish land and style yourself as Lord, Laird or Lady of Glencoe. This deal includes not only your own plot of land and lordly title, but it helps support a unique conservation project. Plus there’s a certificate of title, plaid scarf and VIP club access thrown in.

We’re going to look into this one. Aye, lads and lassies!

Park Your Cash

Why not park your cash somewhere useful while you’re looking for a house? Park it, literally! Australia’s most expensive car parking spot sold last year for around $400,000. Ahem. Yes, you read that correctly. For the price of an average home in the suburbs of most capital cities, you can buy a premium car parking space in the Sydney CBD. The benefit of this type of investment is that you can rent out the space to nearby office workers or apartment dwellers.

Once you’ve bought your parking space, you can list it on a website such as Find A Car Park to see a return on your investment. There are many people looking to rent that perfect parking spot to rent.

Buy a Beachside Pad

You may not be in the market for an actual holiday home, but what about a rare and exclusive beachside pad… A historical bathing box might be just the thing. In the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, you can save your pennies to purchase one of these bathing boxes, if they come on the market. They are usually handed down through the generations, and are the home of many beach barbecues and summer-long picnics. No more of these pads are being built on the coast, so they are definitely rare.

Don’t let the scary price put you off – once you own one of these mini houses, you won’t have any trouble re-selling for a profit. Last year a bathing box sold for a record price of $320,000.  Okay, you might want electricity and an actual bedroom for that price but it’s worth a look as an investment.

Tiny town

If you’re the kind of person who was obsessed with Lego as a kid, you might want to build or buy your own tiny home, for real! Perhaps you’re single and don’t need a lot of room to move, or you fancy a Zen existence and low-clutter lifestyle.

The tiny home movement is gaining momentum around the world, for good reason. Cost isn’t the only issue with investing in real estate – in many cities, space is at a premium too. If you happen to have a space somewhere, whether it’s your parents’ backyard or a vacant lot in the country, a tiny house could be the ideal solution. And they are an inexpensive housing option – starting from as little as $35,000.

Check out the Tiny Real Estate website for plans to build your own or buy tiny houses for sale.

Plant Your Flag on the Moon

If you don’t need to move-in immediately, consider buying your own patch of space! There’s a company called Moon Estates selling plots of Moon land right now. As an added bonus, your new address will be something like F4 quadrant Charlie plot.

“I own 22 acres of moon land. I started off with one in around 2000 and have bought a few more each year since.” – Moon property investor, Moon Estates website.

We’re looking forward to the advent of space tourism ourselves. Once we settle in, we’ll throw a moon-warming party, BYO oxygen.

Sounds like a future-proof investment or the perfect gift idea for someone who has everything…on Earth, that is.

Now, we’re not suggesting you rush out and blow your entire hard-earned deposit on a single car space just for the sake of actually purchasing some form of real estate. But for the space nerds out there, a fortnight’s worth of coffee is a pretty small price to pay for a whole acre to call your own on the Moon!



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