Stylish DIY projects to help baby proof your home.

OMG your first baby is on its way! While your near future is filled with unbrushed hair, trackies and plenty of toys underfoot, there is still time to fight for your style. That’s why we’ve curated a list of six of the most fashionable DIY projects to help baby-proof your house. Relax knowing that you’re not doomed to a life of cheap white plastic and stained couches.

Padded Ottoman_webPadded Coffee Table

No one wants to end up in the emergency room with a bleeding toddler. One way to avoid it is to remove as many sharp corners as possible—particularly those at head height. Dangerous coffee tables can be switched out for padded ones. Tackle a DIY option and not only will it save you money, but you can cover it in fabric that suits the décor of your home.  The home geniuses over at Not So Newlywed McGees created this ottoman from on old wooden coffee table. You can create a similar effect using an old pallet and furniture legs bought from Bunnings.





rope-ottoman-final_webRound side table

This DIY ottoman is made from an old tire, wood and rope. With no corners to smack in to, just add some legs and you’ve got the perfect, kid-friendly side table. It particularly suits bright colours and seaside themes. The crew over at Little Things have all the instructions, so head to the car wreckers this weekend, along with Bunnings, and you have everything you need.







Fake log fireplace_webFireplace

Winter is coming, and there is nothing better than an open fire place, but it does present a safety hazard–cast iron pokers, falling logs, flames. For the next few years it might be best to temporarily board it up, but you still want to keep it functional because, well, marshmallows. Here are two very different but very cool ways to use the space.  The Pepper design blog has all the instructions you need to create this cozy faux log fireplace cover. While it keeps little fingers out of grates, it’s quick to pop in and out once the little ones are in bed and you want to have some quiet time with your significant other in front of the flames.




couch cover_webCouch cover

Kids = grubby hands. If you’re lucky, you own leather furniture that can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but if your couch and chairs are fabric, it might be worth creating your own cover. Choose a thick, heavy fabric that will withstand rough treatment and won’t shift too easily. A great option is one that is vinyl-backed to minimize impact from any spills. Pre-wash the fabric so that you know it won’t shrink before cutting it to size. Alternatively, you can buy one online such as this one from Overstock.



Baby gate

You’re just starting to get this hang of this parenthood thing…and then he starts crawling. Who knew babies could move so fast? Before your mini-Bolt has an accident, you need some baby gates…STAT! Forget the white plastic jail bars that are everywhere…we have a couple of DIY project that will add some serious flair to your home. For the modern family home, try this DIY Geometric Baby Gate over at Undeclared Panache. While it may look complicated, it’s fairly simple and very cheap.






Media Box cover_webMedia box

Maybe it’s the risk of electrocution, maybe it’s just that the mini-me is keeps pressing fast forward when you’re trying to binge on old episodes of Greys Anatomy. Either way, a baby-proof cover for your cords/Blu-ray player etc. would come in handy. This cover by Logic and Laughter is an easy weekend project.





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