The Search for the Perfect Location – Locals Tell Us Why They Love Their Area

We’re all aware that the exact location of the ‘best part of Canberra’ is a hotly debated topic. Northsiders swear there’s only life above Commonwealth Bridge, while the cries of Southsiders go something like: “southside or no side!”. And then there’s the Springfield-vs-Shelbyville style debate about whether Queanbeyan is really part of the Canberra region (it most definitely is, by the way).

So – are the leafy streets of Lyneham really better than the Brindabella-bound wide open spaces of Tuggeranong? We doubt we’re going to settle this debate, well, ever – but we can have a chat to the locals to get their take on why their area is better than all the others.

We talked to a resident from each area of the Canberra/Queanbeyan region to get the scoop on why they choose to live in a certain area, what they love about it and what the major benefits are. Take a look below! 

Belconnen – Fleur

“I chose to live in the Belconnen area because it was close to Uni and work. Everything I need is here – the mall, gym, grocery stores and restaurants. There’s also the lake, which is so nice to walk around. The area has reasonable rental prices, nice apartments, public transport and shopping, and it’s close to the city.”

Tuggeranong – Cam

“My first share house was in the area and I just fell in love with it. The houses here are larger and have nice backyards, and there are good views of the Brindabellas. The neighbourhoods are also quiet and the area is away from the city.”

Gungahlin – Dannica

“My fiancé and I moved to the Gungahlin area because we wanted to get something off-plan – this was really appealing to us. When we were doing research, this area popped up as an option, and the prices were really affordable. We love it because it feels like there’s so much happening in the area, the location is close to both the city and Belconnen, it’s well planned and it feels really community driven.”

Jerrabomberra – Sam

“I first liked the area because it felt like a small country town, being separate from Queanbeyan. It has everything you need – its own Woolies, takeaway shops and petrol station. It’s close to the city but very quiet as it’s far enough away from Queanbeyan and Canberra.”

Inner North – Blair

“I initially chose the Inner North because it was close to work in the city – in fact, I can walk there! Upon going to the inspection for my apartment, I fell completely in love. Now I can’t see myself wanting to leave. I love how leafy the area is and how massive my apartment is, and it’s great being close to so many bars and restaurants.”

Inner South – Lexi

“I just love [this area]. It’s super-established, has these beautiful trees and has that old feel to it. Everything you’d want is here – you’ve got your restaurants and coffee shops, and it’s also close to the lake and the city. It really suits my lifestyle and I just think it’s such a beautiful area.”

Queanbeyan – Tim

“I chose to move to Queanbeyan because it’s affordable and it’s nice and close to Canberra – most of Canberra is close, within a 30-minute drive, and it’s 15 minutes to the city centre. I love that Queanbeyan still maintains that small town vibe. Driving down the main street, you can really feel the DNA of the once ‘country town’, with beautiful classic Australian architecture on the main street. Free parking in most of Queanbeyan’s major shopping areas is incredibly useful. I think the motto of Queanbeyan is quite apt: ‘country living – city benefits’.”

Weston Creek – Dora

“I chose the Weston Creek area because I had moved down from Cooma and had friends living nearby. It was also convenient as I worked in Fyshwick. The convenience of the location meant I was central to Weston, Woden and Civic, and when the kids came along it was close to schools. At the time, house prices were very affordable.”

Woden Valley – Arran

“I chose Woden Valley because it’s where [my now wife] was! It’s a great location, very clean and close to nature. There’s an awesome farmer’s market, it’s nice and quiet and not too far from all the major areas of Canberra. You’re no more than 40 minutes from anywhere in Canberra.”

When it all boils down, Canberra is a great place to live – no matter what area you decide to go for. Consider your personal circumstances and needs before you make a decision, and if you’re still having trouble deciding or just want more insight, Independent Property Group’s talented team can help. Contact your local office today for personalised, professional advice.

Note: Some names have been changed on request of the interviewees.



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