Vertical communities – the new way of living the high life

You may have noticed lots of new developments popping up all around Canberra. Either under construction or ready for launch, these much-anticipated developments are changing the way we live.

No, they are not James Packers newest Casino’s.

Nor more Westfield shopping centres.

They are the newly designed apartment buildings that are bringing more to the high life.

Gone are the days when the modest swimming pool was the only communal area in apartment blocks and everyone kept to themselves. Today, architects are transforming these spaces into vertical communities with everything at the resident’s doorstep.

So, what are these vertical communities? And what are the benefits?

Vertical communities are essentially apartment blocks with multiple amenities providing its residents with convenience, a lifestyle and more than just a unit.

Project Manager at Independent Property Group, Charlie Nussio believes these developments are a much-needed solution for the change of buyer’s expectations.

“People are looking for more than an apartment these days, they want to buy into a lifestyle. And this shift has developers thoughtfully responding to the growing demand and push the boundaries with design.”

These new styles of developments are providing amazing amenities you would likely see in hotels to provide them with more options.

In the 2009 rom com, Couples Retreat, four couples who settle into their tropical-island resort in Bora Bora have full access to a variety of amazing amenities and activities for them to bond over (sans the high-rise) – a 4-star restaurant, state of the art spa with a snow sauna, yoga classes with a shirt-less instructor and a selection of couple’s skill-building resources including in-house counselling.

Closer to home, Woden’s Ivy is giving Canberrans that touch of paradise, minus the therapists and that Bora Bora breeze.

Ivy offers its residents a reinvigorating wellness centre with a spa and yoga centre, a resort pool, BBQ areas, a children’s playground, a cardio gym, a weights gym, 2 bocce greens and the list goes on.

“When designing Ivy, the aim was to create a space where the idea of home wasn’t just your apartment. Your home is all the common spaces as well,” Charlie says.

Some people love the idea of living in a high rise, others not so much.

But whether this form of living is for you, one thing is for sure: there is a change in what people want from their homes.

Over the past 25 years, the number of occupied apartments (including flats and units, excluding townhouses) in Australia has increased by 78% to 1,214,372 dwellings at the 2016 Census. Nearly 2.5 million of us have chosen a more compact accommodation for a variety of reasons: cost, convenience and the key factor of location.

“I’ve seen a strong interest in this type of living – from young professionals to downsizers, both looking for convenient living,” says Charlie.

Kingsborough Village is another building getting a lot of interest. Charlie says, “I think for a number of reasons, but I’d say one of the strongest is the overall plan for the precinct – it’s almost like a mini cosmopolitan town in the Kingston Foreshore.”

Kingsborough becoming a unique community that will be home to over 200 residents by the end of this year. And with people’s new lifestyles, Kingsborough is all about sustainability and caring for the environment.

Kingsborough will have terraces with private rooftop solar and battery storage solutions, a chook run to help reduce food waste to landfill and provide fresh produce to residents and car community electric charging points. The development will also include a yoga studio, coffee shop, community garden and bikes, a rooftop bar and cinema, a meditation cave, public art, kids play area, indoor and outdoor pools and so much more.

But do we really want all this stuff?

Developers have shifted in what they are delivering due to one thing.

Elevated customer expectations. So yes, we do want it all.

As technology and AI are making our lives so much easier with the touch of a button or simply with our voices – thanks Alexa – convenience has never been this sought after.

Architects and developers are now designing and planning these mega-developments whereby residents have it all within their reach, maximising convenience and style.

“I think this is forcing developers and builders to think differently. We’re seeing really well thought out developments, where even the smallest things are being thought of,” Charlie says.

Whether or not a vertical community is for you, we can all appreciate these magnificent buildings for providing accessibility and giving us more value.



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