Warehouse living in Canberra? What we’re looking forward to.

We’ll be honest, a New York-style warehouse apartment like the one above from MyHouseIdea is one of our dream properties. The fantasy goes something like this: Humphrey Bogart is leaning against the stone island bench with a martini chatting to Andy Warhol while Audrey Hepburn lounges on oversized blue velvet armchair (I know, sounds gross but check it out below). We are surveying our very stylish and in vogue company from the mezzanine, which we’ve turned into a mini-art studio.

Clearly there are lots of reasons this is a fantasy (not least the fact that we can’t paint). But owning our own converted warehouse in Canberra is not one. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a spectacular warehouse opportunity coming soon. In the meantime, check out what makes this particular brand of living absolute perfection.

High ceilings

There’s one aspect of warehouse living that sets it apart from every other type of home, its lofty ceilings that create a sense of light and space. Leave this beautiful feature raw and striking, or highlight it through intricate ceiling moulds to create an old-world feel.

warehouse ceiling 1warehouse ceiling 2

  1. Interior for life
  2. Vintage Industrial Style







Raw materials – brick, wood, concrete

Converted warehouses maximise the use of existing raw materials, creating an industrial feel that can be softened by furnishings. Embrace the old brick, concrete, steel and wood, and use it to create a space that belongs on everyone’s Pintrest board.


  1. Elle Decoration
  2. Remodelista (photo by David Giles)







The Mezzanine

Sky-high ceilings give you plenty of room to double up your space with a thoughtfully planned mezzanine. Whether it’s creating a private bedroom oasis or a secluded study space, a mezzanine gives you the sense of truly getting away from it all.


  1. Snobtop
  2. Home edit








Statement artwork

Warehouse living means big open spaces—which in turn means big furniture, big lights and big statement artwork. There’s rarely an opportunity to hang artwork like this is in a regular home. Despite the industrial feel of warehouse spaces, it’s the art and furnishing that will determine the style. Whether you go contemporary or classic, as long as it holds its own on a massive wall, it’s perfect.


  1. MyLovt (artwork by Antonio Mora)
  2. Interior for life







Big furniture

Continuing on with our ‘big’ theme, think long tables and desks, large comfy lounges suites, king-sized beds and massive floor rugs. Sure we can use these in a smaller space, but they won’t have the same impact. Large pieces need the correct proportions of a large space.


  1. Loloi Rugs
  2. Diego Enrique







Feature lighting 

In a regular home, lighting can be an afterthought. But in warehouse living, this is something you’re going to want a lighting designer to give you a hand with. You’ll need a combination of floor and ceiling lights to meet your needs.


  1. Home Edit
  2. Inside Out (photo by Derek Swalwell)








Bring nature inside

Warehouses were never designed to be welcoming, relaxing places. Without proper interior design, they can look cold and uninviting. Bringing plants inside is one way to soften the space, plus it’s good for your mental health.


  1. The New York Times (photo by Laura Moss)
  2. JJ Locations







Add your own style

An empty shell of a warehouse gives you maximum opportunity to develop your personal style and to create a completely unique home.


  1. Hippanonymous
  2. Pop Sugar







If this has given you your own warehouse fantasy, contact Independent Projects at projects@independent.com.au for more information about a new upcoming development.



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